Multi Parts Cleaner (600ml)

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Bardahl Brake Cleaner (Multi Parts Cleaner) quickly and effectively removes brake fluid, grease, oil, tar, and other contaminants. As a universal cleaner, the product is used for cleaning both electrical parts and clutch components.

Bardahl Brake Cleaner evaporates quickly and leaves no residues. This brake cleaner dissolves the most stubborn dirt, even hardened residues. It displaces moisture and dries quickly. Available in spray cans and bulk packaging.

Application Bardahl Brake Cleaner is used as a cleaner for brake linings, lines, brake drums, brake cylinders, brake disc springs, and pads, clutch, transmission, gearbox, and all other metal parts and tools. It extends the life of brakes, reduces noise, and ensures a shorter braking distance. Bardahl Multi Parts Cleaner can also be used to remove preservatives. The excellently coordinated raw materials ensure that this cleaner has a high penetration and cleaning power.

Instructions for Use Spray the parts generously and let them work for some time. Dry with compressed air or a soft cloth. Repeat the treatment for heavy soiling. The can is filled with environmentally friendly gas


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